We currently offer discounts on Tax Planning, Tax Preparation, Accounting Services, IRS compliance, and Computer Technology

As your trusted accounting and tax advisor, we provide a diverse suite of services to meet your needs and are committed to establishing a long term relationship.

Do you have tax issues which keep you awake at night or cause undue stress? Do you owe back taxes or have other problems with the Internal Revenue Service? As a CPA firm, we have unlimited practice rights, and we can represent you.

Your Christian CPA has depth of expertise, dedication and a commitment  which strives to provide innovative business solutions in tax planning, tax preparation, accounting, and computer/technology for diverse industry.

We take pride in our commitment to our clients by providing individualized, prompt, and accurate accounting & tax services.

Some of our more popular services:

Tax Planning & Preparation

S Corporations
C Corporations
Accounting Services

Business Accounting
Non Profit Accounting
Church Accounting
Payroll Services
Financial Statement Preparation
Fixed Asset & Depreciation Schedules
IRS Compliance

IRS Audit Representation
Unfiled Tax Compliance
Back Tax Compliance
Foreign Bank Account Reporting (FBAR)
Entities Choices
Offer in Compromise
Computer & Technology

Computer Consultation
QuickBooks Training
Website Design
Small Office Network Setup
Computer Administration
Website Hosting